‘Testimony of the Day’ by the video of Kim Ji-Wook

Visual Artist Kim Ji-Wook recreated the interview video of the five people who were at the hot scene of the May Struggle. Five people are Kim Sang-Yoon, Kim Sang-Jip, Lee Yang-Hyun, Lee Tae-Bok, and Jeon Yong-Ho.

Kim Ji-Wook

Kim Ji-Wook(1968~) studied psychology in college, and self educated photography and image. Starting with his first solo exhibition ‘Un Momento Vario’ in 2019, his career as visual artist began. He has lectured at National Geographic Photography Academy(NGPA) and Leica Korea. After his solo exhibition ‘the Labyrinth’ in 2020, he was invited to the ‘Glass City Project’ exhibition at the Jeonju International Photography Festival in September 2021. His video work that filmed the stone Buddha of Namsan in Gyeongju in time-lapse was aired in the 2017 KBS UHD UNESCO World Heritage in Korea, in one of the 8 series ‘Gyeongju Namsan- The Forest of Stone Buddha.’

Lee Tae-Bok : Executive Director of Yoon Sang-Won Memorial Project Association.

Born in Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do in 1950, Lee participated in the labor movement by establishing Kwangminsa Printing Company(currently Dongnyok Publishers) in 1976 for the publications of books related to labor movement and social sciences. In 1981, he was indicted as the head of the Hakrim incidents, severely tortured in the National Police Agency building in Namyoung-dong, and sentenced life imprisonment. (However was acquitted through retrial by the Supreme Court in 2012). After being released from prison in 1988, he founded weekly workers’ newspaper and Rodong Ilbo, and served as Chief of Welfare and Labor at the Blue house and Minister of Health and Welfare in the Kim Dae-Jung administration. He was also the Chairman of the Human and Land, Executive director of Big Bubble Blowing Movement Committee, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kookmin Oil Corporation, the chairman of Mae Heon Yun Bong-Gil Woljin Association, and currently the executive director of the Yoon Sang-Won Memorial Project Association.

Kim Sang-Yoon : Owner of Nokdu Bookstore, Former Executive Director of Yoon Sang-Won Memorial Project Association

Born in 1948 in Jangseong, Jeollanam-do, Kim was imprisoned in 1974 for being involved in the National Democratic Youth-Student League and sentenced 15 years. After being released from prison, he opened Nokdu Bookstore in 1977 to distribute books on social science throughout Gwangju. In 1980, Kim returned to school studying Korean Studies at Cheonnam National University. However, as a part of martial law expansion measure, he was placed in the prevention custody on the Midnight of May 17th, for participating in the student movement while establishing the Returning Students Committee. Being imprisoned as a key member of rebellion, he was severely tortured untill being released again in December 1981. Kim established Yoon Sang-Won Memorial Project Association, Regional Cultural Exchange Foundation, and Gwangju Cultural City Council.

Lee Yang-Hyun

Born in 1950 in Nasan, Hampyeong, Lee went to the Gwangju Jeil High School and was actively involved in the club called Gwangrang. He entered the school of History at the Chonnam National University and established National Society Council in 1971 with Jeong Sang-Yong. He participated in the planning committee of the protest leadership group during the Gwangju Democratization Movement. Until the early morning of May 27th, defended the provincial office along with Yoon Sang-Won, Jeong Sang-Yong, and Yoon Gang-Ok, and witnessed the bullet from the martial law forces penetrates and takes the life of the martyr Yoon Sang-Won. Later, Lee was captured and taken to be severely tortured.

Kim Sang-Jip : Executive Director of Korea Democracy Foundation,  Writer of the <A Critical Biography of Yoon Sang-Won>

Born in 1956 in Jangseong, Jeollanam-do, Kim led the protest while attending Gwangju Jeil High School. After graduating from veterinary school at Chonnam National University, he opened a veterinary hospital. However, after his discharge from military duty in March 1980, Kim joined with Yoon Sang-Won at Nokdu Bookstore to fight against martial law forces. He produced Molotov cocktails, created and distributed the Fighter’s Bulletin to the public, and made street broadcast while driving the school bus of Chonnam Univeristy. For the Citizens’ Democracy Defending indignation meeting, he was in charge of organizing, deploying, and training college students and reserve forces into citizens’ militia. His publications include <A Critical Biography of Yoon Sang-Won> and <May at the Nokdu Bookstore(co-author, 2019)>.

Jeon Yong-ho : Writer, Chairman of Gwangju-Jeonnam Novelist Association

Born in 1957 Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, Jeon participated in the ‘Wild Fire Night School’ while attending Chonnam National University during 1987. During the Gwangju Democratization Movement, he was imprisoned for producing and distributing ‘The Fighter’s Bulletin’ with the students of Wild Fire Night School and being involved in the public relations committee. After participating in the production of play including the song ‘March For You’ in 1982, he has been carrying out regional cultural movements such as Gwangju People’s Culture Resarch Association. He received a special prize at Manhae Literary Award in 2017 for the <<Gwangju Uprising: The Rebellion for Democracy in South Korea』(revised and enlarged edition, Co-authored with Hwang Sok-Yong·Lee Jae-Eui·Jeon Yong-Ho).

In 1988, his short story <<Water Fog>> was selected for the Annual Spring Literary Contest of Gwangju Daily Newspaper. His publication includes original fairy tale <<A Thousand Wishes>> and a first collection of novels <<Story of Flippers at War>>.